Recent Academic writing

2015 Waldock, J.“Crossing the Boundaries: Community Composition and Sensory Ethnography” Senses and Society Journal, Berg. (In press for publication 2015).

2015 Waldock, J. “Hearing Urban Change” in Black L.and Bull, M.(eds.) Auditory Cultural Reader, 2nd revised edition, Berg (In Press, due for publication summer 2015).

2011 Waldock, J. Hidden hierarchies: Questioning the position of soundmaps and public engagement Journal of Sonic Studies Volume 1 number 1 (Online international peer review journal)This paper was developed from part of my literature review chapter for my doctoral thesis, and it has been listed as a key text for the Module “Sound and Space” at The New School, New York, USA and has been quoted in other journals including NECSUS and in works such as Biddle and Thompson, eds. Sound, Music and Affect (2013) Bloomsbury.

2011 Waldock, J. Review of The Places Where We Go to Listen; in search of an ecology of music, by John Luther Adams. Music, Sound and the Moving Image Accepted for publication December 2010

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